Why should you have property in Chandigarh, Mullanpur?

Published: 05th May 2011
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Why should you have property in Chandigarh, Mullanpur?

Mullanpur real estate market is in constant news these days, Why?

Because Mullanpur is abuzz with lots of real estate activities – international level cricket stadium, development of IAS-PCS elite colony, 4 lane roads, DLF’s township project, Omaxe’s India Tower, Omaxe’s seven star hotel and much more. The real estate development is so good and fast paced, with such big developers involved in it that Mullanpur is now the next big thing! property in chandigarh

as always is skyrocketing and more importantly, new property ventures are very limited but in the satellite towns, especially the upcoming Mullanpur real estate market looks bright.

Presence of branded and established developer’s like Omaxe and DLF has worked as a catalyst to transform real estate market of Mullanpur. It is now heralded as the new satellite township of Chandigarh, closely following Panchkula and Mohali.

Omaxe and DLF are providing not only world class housing amenities but also working towards making Mullanpur the best city so that it can live up to its vision of the "first eco town of Punjab".

Omaxe is constructing a seven star hotel in Mullanpur and this is hotel is claimed to be a "treat for every connoisseur". Apart from being a delight, this 200 crore seven star hotel project has added to the value of real estate in Mullanpur. A seven star hotel can attract elite crowd not only to ‘dine and wine’ but also to look up to Mullanpur as the destination for their dream home.

And then Mullanpur is all set to provide the best houses and township one can ever think of, in all budget ranges. Even the economical houses are smartly designed to offer best living standards and this truly, is real value for money!

If you are already gasping, visualizing and considering Mullanpur for investing, wait……

There is more to come…....

DLF township project is where dream comes true and once the project is complete, Mullanpur will in true essence be the "New Chandigarh" as this area has been renamed, the most happening satellite town of Chandigarh. This project is planned by the world famous urban planner group, Jurong International of Singapore and this association has already set the real estate price here rolling.

Both DLF and Omaxe are the trusted names in real estate industry who have proved their mettle in thick and thin of this fluctuating market. Their presence here have shaped Mullanpur real estate positively, boosted it growth and generated awareness among investors. Remember such brand names will always invest in the most profitable place and they are in Mullanpur, to transform it completely.

So what are you waiting for, join the bandwagon, get a property in Chandigarh’s satellite city, Mullanpur.

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